Mar 15, 2013

Iphone 4S versus Droid Razr

iphone 4s
In fact the iphone 4s sales are record breaking that the fall lineup of latest smartphones more  impressive. Are you likely to to actually upgrade ? A few time ago, Samsung and Motorola each announced new phones. Are you getting a tough time deciding only that smartphone you need ? There will be pros and cons for each phone, however you need to weigh your call rigorously right before you blow your phone upgrade choice and are stuck with one thing you won’t like for an additional 2 years.

The iphone 4s specs don’t seem too impressive lined up with one of these 2 android phones. It uses a dual-core processor other then no more than is 800mhz. The 2 droid phones each run on dual-core 1. 2ghz processors. All 3 phones have each rear and front-facing cameras, and therefore the droid razr and the iphone seem pretty equal with rear cameras that boast having 8mp. The galaxy nexus falls slightly behind with merely a 5mp rear camera.

Is size a problem for everyone ? The new droid razr is that the thinnest smartphone to actually date. It is just 7. 1mm compared onto the galaxy nexus ( 8. 94mm ) and the iphone 4s ( 9. 3mm ). Need an even bigger screen ? The galaxy nexus sports a large 4. Sixty five in. Screen with the use of a show resolution of 1280x720. The droid razr is supplied in 2nd with the use of a 4. 3 in. Screen ( 960x540 ) and that is protected by durable gorilla glass, and last however not least, the iphone with merely a 3. 5 in. Screen ( 960x560 ).

Battery life between charges could be a problem for everyone. Clearly as the chart points out, the samsung galaxy nexus battery will still be a mystery to actually us. The droid razr can include an 1800mah battery, that motorola claims can offer you 12. 5 hours of talk time or 8. 9 hours for video. The battery life inside the iphone 4s isn’t all that impressive, no more than claiming 8 hours of talk time and 10 hours of video time. After the galaxy nexus and droid raxr are out and get a very little bit, i’m certain there'll be extended batteries on the market, giving you as abundant as triple the time between charges.

The iphone 4s is another matter. You can’t purchase an extended battery, nor even extra battery for any iphone. There will be a few work-arounds though. You'll be able to purchase an iphone 4 power charging case and that is compatible for each the iphone 4 and therefore the 4s. The case truly has extra battery built into it that kicks in when your 4s battery is low. This essentially results in regarding double the time between having to try regarding the charger.

So which Smartphone is on your list, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Razr or Iphone 4s? Such a lot of choices, such a lot of choices. Allow us to apprehend that one you need or are considering and why.

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