Mar 2, 2013

Android Platform Revolution (1)

android platform
The android platform has actually been growing at an just about dizzying pace lately. The sort of new releases utilizing a short time era has lead many to firmly warn that fragmentation has modification towards a essential hazard to firmly android. Googles android staff has responded saying that the android fragmentation could be a myth. Is fragmentation of android a fable or is it a thing which ought to firmly concern android builders ?

Fragmentation has affected linux and different open supply systems in the previous. It happens each time a system has multiple versions with terribly totally different parts. For example, linux distributions have their terribly own file system preparations, different window managers and totally different packaging systems. This causes it to be troublesome for utility builders to make applications for linux upon the expectation that positive elements can exist or have the very same location.

Causes Of Android Fragmentation 

Android platform has suffered from among the basic causes of fragmentation. First, there will be in depth variations within the capabilities of one's hardware devices on that android runs. Whereas in many programs, this may merely result in extreme fragmentation, android has not been as affected by this. Android is, in spite of this, being terribly rapidly developed. Every new version of android has added capabilities.

Handsets offered that you can purchase are operating as much as 5 totally totally different versions of one's android operating system. This can be the locate the greatest danger of fragmentation lies. Lastly, fully totally different manufacturers are dressing up android with varied add-ons and customized user interfaces. These variations in how android platform to firmly like and feels can also result in fragmentation.

Google has responded to firmly the various reports of android fragmentation by calling it a delusion. Theyve place set up a few ways while a arrange that ought to firmly help address the issue of fragmentation. Google is therefore positive of these plans that they will believe fragmentation doesnt exist.

One strategy that google is taking to firmly stop fragmentation is slowing through the event of android. The rapid development allowed google therefore on add new functionality to firmly android and attain a level of maturity that makes android competitive with totally different smartphone platforms. Currently that android platform is absolutely featured, the event will sluggish once more down.

In conjunction with slowing through the event of android, google has developed a arrange to firmly build android a lot of modular. This may permit users of android primarily based programs to firmly update individual elements of one's android platform though their carrier has not moved to firmly a a lot of moderen model of android. As an example, if a model new version of gmail is launched, customers will plan to upgrade gmail on the phones. This modularity is currently being utilized to firmly numerous ways in conjunction with gadgets much like the keyboard.

One alternative approach that google has taken to firmly attempt and forestall fragmentation of android platform is to firmly undertake a sequence of standards that ought to followed to get admission to the android market. These requirements define minimal functionality that a handset should have so as regarding the service to firmly ship the android market along with the phone.

By controlling the market, google has ensured that these standards may well be adhered to firmly. These standards typically manage hardware aslo include conditions like every android handset should got a camera. By utilizing these standards, google will assure developers that sure performance can continuously be obtainable on an android phone.

Intents are another kinds of commonplace that google android platform uses to firmly avoid functionality. An intent could be a kind of interface that android uses. For example, an application that sends e-mail can use an intent to firmly launch an an electronic mail composition window. By utilizing intents, it is a possibility to firmly swap out the default electronic mail shopper with one alternative software and nonetheless have the expected habits from alternative applications that write email.

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