Feb 17, 2013

The Android OS Phone

android os phone
Within the whole analysis of and mobile platforms like windows mobile, symbian, comparison among a couple of mainstream palm, rim and so blessings developers and disadvantages of android os phone.

Android on, we analyze the android pill platform provides in conjunction with the functions of extreme itll produce higher platform for the dominoes game of map service. Flexible map demonstrating and controlling, so assistant software within the whole planning and realization throughout this paper, we analyze android platforms functions and features, system structure and its application constitution and mechanism.

In conjunction with the increasing popularity of wise phones additionally as android tablet, most people application chosen it much like the main suggests that that out to get important knowledge. Thus, services catering out to firmly totally completely different user needs grow fast. The assistant software throughout this paper aims at meeting the demand of outdoor sports lovers, providing the services of locating, movement trailing, map viewing, etc.

This paper analyzes the project background, briefly presents the foremost problem who have to firmly be solved, andbasically introduces the entire system. Furthermore, it build a detailed analysis on system requirement and structure vogue, system application structure and logic structure, and gathering modules inclusive of position locating, map viewing, and historical records trying. The gathering of position locating module will show the positions knowledge of latitude, longitude, and elevation etc at intervals the entire screen for mobile phone users, that may mark the details inside the map.

The gathering of movement trailing module can record the traces of ones user at intervals the entire form of route map, that may calculate the calorie consumed at intervals the entire whole movement technique, and for that reason the numbers of steps if moving on foot. Historical records trying suggests that that that users movement traces are recorded at intervals the entire database. Thinking relating to the inconveniences brought by paper-based, non-mobility in ancient clinical diagnosis., this paper through realize digital collection, storage and transmission of ones knowledge inclusive of patient records, prescription records, out to firmly construct electronic medical records framework involving the android os phone platform.

This system for android pill is user-friendly in interface, and easy out to firmly operate. It also might stably operate once take a examine, so its able out to firmly fulfill the users basic service needs. In conjunction with the rapid development of wireless communications and laptop technology, digital and mobile office is gradually changing peoples ancient approach for everyone to firmly operating. Joined of ones leading technology application at intervals the entire android pill with android os phone, knowledge brought many revolutionary changes at intervals the entire medical field, electronic medical records and mobile clinics get fashionable in clinical application.

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